Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ears closed, what I hear the world just has to know

(Wrap sweater Macy's, Express leggings, Express long tank, eternity scarf, boots from DSW)
The past few days have been pleasurable. I hope everyone had a good holiday and my I'm twitching in anticipation for New Years. Hopefully 2009 would be light years better than 2008 has been.
Happy New Years (Eve)!

My mommy surprised me with a trench coat today, talk about making amends

I was bored and feeling extremely frustrated. My "anti-drug" is drawing. I'm hesitant to finish because usually I get antsy and it ends up looking worse.
(picture via hedi slimane diary)

Drawing update: I figured that the eyes he had seen above were bland and too cartoony so I erased them and I thought he looked hotter without eyes... haha... and while I was at it I tweeked his brows, and fixed a few more things. (:


withasianstereotypes said...

That's a bloody brilliant piece. I LOVE Heidi Slimane! That wrap sweater is so perfect, I want/need/love it.

♥, China L.

Miss Urbanita said...

Fantastic look! Amazing hands. Kisses ;)

Fashdance said...

Love the wrap sweater, BUT THOSE BOOTS I LOVE!

If/when I come to Chicago we're going shopping together. Kay?


Mariƫlle said...

Hey Maggie! Thanks for the comment. My shoes are by Morgan de Toi.

And that drawing is amaaaazing <333

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous sketch and pics!

karl's sweet child said...

the sketch is superb and i love your header..

susie_bubble said...

The boots are so great....

Angela said...

Girl, you have an incredible talent!

Those two drawings are absolutely amazing! I can't even draw a legitimate hand. Let alone an entire person. *sigh*


alyssa said...

happy new year! you're so talented; it's amazing. the scarf is cute too.

mandi said...

ooh nice artwork :)

your very pretty.