Monday, March 30, 2009

cold shoulder

(shredded Express tee, UO ribbed tights, timberland boots, a few rings from the VN)

Yes, I have done it, I have shredded a tshirt. Well, it was mostly because I found a hole in my shirt after I pulled it out of the laundry. Oh well. Anyway. I opened my email today and I see two emails of which I was hyperventilating about. Email #1 contained information about Syracuse's spring invitation on April 15th. I gasped and almost cried because April 15th is a Wednesday and I don't have any form of break then so I can't make it to New York and back in one day. Email #2 was about the Nordstrom Fashion Board for juniors in highschool of which I just need to go to a Nordstrom and pick up an application and I'm good to go. It's due April 5th though. Blah.

I'm applying for the Fashion Board like right now. I'm so excited.

Monday, March 23, 2009

all that you left was your name

(Express leggings, AA tee, blazer that my mom gave to me?)

This morning I ate a donut. It tasted a little funny. AHAHA. The first bite sorta tasted like dimsum and I'm PRETTY sure that donuts aren't supposed to taste like dimsum... Anyway, my friends are supposed to be here soon because I'm bored on a Monday afternoon and they've been wanting to have some "chill" time. Oh yea, I'm on spring break, that might be why I have so much time to myself. Also the fact that my fractured foot is healing nicely and I have full access to my four limbs. (:

It's the spring season. Couples should be blossoming, but why is it that everyone around me seems to be breaking up and breaking down? Le sigh.

PS. I think I have awkward buns. My friend names my hair various vegetables. I think this one qualifies as her "mushroom" bun
I just watched August Rush. I'm utterly and completely in love. Why can't my life be so amazing a.k.a. why can't I just fall in love with a man in one night like Jonathan Rhys Meyer? I've a huge crush on him now. Anyone remotely Jonathan Rhys Meyer-esque, please sweep me off my feet. haha.
via jrmfansite

Sunday, March 15, 2009

stay with me till dawn

(boyfriend cardigan [literally], black mini from UO, thigh highs from UO, shooting star necklace from boyfriend)
College has yet to come. But I wish I were 5. I wish I were still learning how to write straight, let alone still learning the ABCs. I wish we still had "A Hundred Day" where we would just sit in class doing things repetitively 100 times. I wish I still got supply lists that included me buying Crayola crayons, markers, and water color paint sets instead of a dry syllabus. I wish I could still play tag and wear overalls and my Mickey Mouse shoes. All the ifs, could haves, should haves, would haves and wishes. I don't like them.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


(American Apparel tee, Banana Republic pin stripe dress pants)

It's been sort of horrible being refined to only three limbs, though my broken bone IS heeling, it's at the pace of a turtle. So basically, I've been hobbling in and out of classes looking a fool because I'm wearing a pair of wedges, then that shoe cast in the post below. Explanation? I have a high arch, it's painful wearing flats a.k.a. that shoe cast is damned painful.

My boyfriend, on the other side of the country (for college), bragged to me today that he bought a "Legalize Gay" T-shirt from AA, looking for appraisal from gf dearest and then telling me I should get a matching one so we can look couple-like (not that we already don't). I lol-ed. Boys.

I did it for love. Apparently Forever 21 is featuring BoA as their "Hot New Artist". BoA's kinda been there for God knows how long. Haha. I remember my ex-boyfriend being obscenely in love with her... it was sorta creepy. But the girl is pretty catchy... aka. I'm actually going to buy her cd...

Monday, March 2, 2009

you're a stranger to me

(Express vneck long sleeve, UO mini, H&M tights, circle scarf)

Mega boring day. Super tired. Super studying. Super saiyan?
A few weeks ago, a couple of my friends approached me to ask if I'd model for them for their photo project. I didn't want to turn them down so I said sure, why not. Today, friend S tells me she's entering a picture of me into the art show. I'm a tad mortified and excited to see it... obviously since I haven't seen any of them yet. ANTICIPATION CAN KILL A PERSON!

National French Exams... might have to be cancelled. Le sigh. =[

Double Update:

I fractured a bone in my foot. In medical terms, I fractured my fifth metatarsal. So I get to wear this ultra chic cast shoe.

That's what I call très, très chic.
And I have to miss my national French exams for THIS.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

When I Grow Up...

A Day in Pictures circa yesterday via crappy phone:

Best friend's birthday yesterday... Cept I cam-whored with other best friend. Therefore, the results were these pictures. Lawlz.

It's really sunny in Chicago today. I swear. The past week has been tantalizingly dull and draggy and just overall blahness. A few more weeks until spring break. And another few more weeks until I take my ACTs. Fail. At. Life. Dude. I've a dire need to take out my brand new baby and lounge around the hood while blasting some Sia and suchs.

09 cars = sick.

Oh life, why must you make time so crucial? It's hard enough you put me through so many obstacles... Seriously... Who ever thought of obstacles in life is a total fail. Ha. But I think that's the lazy in me talking because I hate leaping when I can just walk, ya know?

Fever Ray - When I Grow Up