Monday, February 23, 2009

it's your touch

past few days in pictures...

then the big arse carrot cake!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

poker faysss

(UO dress, tights from Express, Coach skinny belt, assymetrical sweater from f21)

I've recently been trying to play up my geek glasses (pictures don't do justice as to how big they are on my face). I realized how much I loved wearing glasses but I remember how much I hated it when I wore ugly metal rimmed ones ON TOP of having braces. Yea, I was a total babe.... Now I kind of have to live and embrace these glasses because my eyes are officially dried out from wearing contacts excessively, not to mention those darned seasonal allergies. =\

and this is what I tried to channel in...

My mommy's coming home from California today, equipped with goodies aka my pink pig and pink monkey stuffed plushies and piggy cell phone charms and cutie headbands and clothes. HA! Yea, my brain age is still about 5 years old. I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day! I was ecstatic when I got my gift via UPS from J. It was sentimental and actually quite funny. 10 brownie points to the guy that has creative gifts. Speaking of brownies, I made fantastical brownies the other day. They're dee-lish. And I bought a yoga ball yesterday. It's a giant mass of... sphere-age. I'm not sure where to put it when I'm done but right now it's comfortably in a big lump on my bedroom floor.
today 2/17/09:
-was a horrendous day. I forgot EVERYTHING at home. My cell phone, my wallet, my ID, my money, my homework... everything at home.
-At least I got an 88 on my math test of which if I come in and grade a few things and I can shoot it up to an A. (:
-I have a DBQ to write for AP US History, but I'm totally stalling time.

Monday, February 9, 2009

soon we'll be found

(striped sweater from Express, leggings from Express, vneck from American Apparel, thigh highs from Urban Outfitters)


  • It was extremely mild and fairly nice weather so I went to school in a light jacket and the above outfit.
  • My friend found my makeup bag and I'm finally reunited with it. YAY.
  • When I got home, I did a choreography to Lady Gaga. Yea, let's just say it'll be something special.
  • I really like these bullet points.
  • I really liked Jennifer Nettles's dress yesterday @ the Grammy's. I thought it was fantastical. Her hair was a little scraggly though. And I gotta love me some Adele, who won best new artist. (:

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Update in Pictures:

So within the past week I've:

  • Downed huge orange and green pills, choked in the process and basically felt horrible trying to surpress my coughs in order not to disturb people in class, (I look sick and horrible in that pill picture, btw).
  • Went with bestie #3 to get a pedicure by amazing Koreans especially the man who gives me bombass foot rubs.
  • Revamped my closet
  • Took a practice ACT test, didn't know what I was doing
  • Went out with besties #1 and #2 that same day, ate at the Cheesecake Fact., were disappointed that we didn't get a cute waiter, shopped around, bought a sweater, the goods.
  • Felt great because the weather's been beautiful, in the 40s almost 50s (Yes, us Chicagoans consider that beautiful).
  • I can't wait for spring, minus the fact it'll be ACT season.
  • Lost my makeup bag in the photo room while modeling for my friend. :

Lykke Li - Everday I'm Hustlin'

Sunday, February 1, 2009

love games

(American Apparel v-neck, Express skirt, tights from UO [talking to my mom cuz she's in Cali])

Long time, no update. Oh how busy I've been. So longs and farewells to the significant other after a month of sheer bliss. Then there were finals. Now I'm just sick. I thought I was going to keel over and die in ACT classes yesterday because I was running a fever. Thank God I didn't. I'm so doped up on medication right now to really FEEL anything. On the other hand, I did rock my finals. Yay me!

Anyhooser. I've been living off a liquid diet and it's horrible. My immune system always loves to fail me every so often. It'd be delightful to eat REAL food once again. Oh and apparently my eyes don't produce enough tears. Condition "don't produce enough tears". But when I was crying yesterday because I was in utter pain from my fever, I could have sworn I had gallons of tears in me. I'm getting new glasses, by the way. They're geeky. Geek chic to the max.

So long dear loves, for now, and til then!