Friday, October 31, 2008

they tried to make me go to rehab

but I said no, no, no.

That's right. I was Amy Winehouse. I got a lot of "OH MY GOSH! YOU MAKE A GOOD AMY WINEHOUSE!" or "You're SOOOO cute!" or "You should get a permanent mole above your lip". Ha. Being Amy Winehouse has its rewards I guess... At least I had an excuse to look ugly and speak in a British accent and break out in slur.

I'm awaiting my Blake Fielder-Civil to arrive, otherwise known as my boyfrahn a.k.a. Nick. Ha. Another excuse to drunkenly walk the streets as junkie couple.... Just kidding.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Drown Me in Caffeine

Today was a rather nice day. But things really like chucking me on the head. Figuratively, of course. It's like the world is plotting against poor me and I can never be in peace with a "new boy". (Story is: New Boy and I drive home. We see my ex boy. I slink down in carseat. New Boy asks what's wrong. I tell him that I just saw a ghost). I can honestly ask, WHY DO THESE THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO MEMEMEME?!

Anyway, enough of ranting and onto the fashion-related stuff.

Alexander Wang Spring 2009 RTW. Alexander Wang in general never disappoints me. My androgynous badass side has seriously taken over me. (Let alone his black with minimalist color, color scheme is LA-LA-LOVEEEE).

pictures à la

The man himself. He is such an adorable character.