Wednesday, April 29, 2009

truth is

(Levi's-DIY slashing, purple tank-Nordstrom, AA tee, timberland boots)

Lot's to update about!

  • went shopping and ran into a guy who worked for/on/with Sesame Street
  • Had my ACT's which were unreasonably hard considering the practice tests were mild
  • bought lightwashed boyfriend jeans (resounding gasp)
  • I got my call from Nordstrom, my interview is May 6th. I'm dying from the anticipation.
  • Had a dream I was dying from swine flu and was drinking pastel colored liquids to "cure" me. This is an awful epidemic/pandemic. I'm terrified.
  • Waiting for summer to arrive, I'm so close to senior year, I can smell and taste it.
  • I've been repeating Little Dragon - Forever, literally, forever.
  • Addicted to DIYs especially with all this time I've acquired.

Yesterday, while I was slashing my jeans with a pair of hefty scissors, I somehow managed to cut off the top layer of my skin. It doesn't hurt but it's annoying that it's getting snagged onto things. Oh well, story of my life.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

starlight tears

(AA tee, DIY acid wash cut offs, nylon knee highs from f21)

So so so so stressed. ACTs are in a week, so are PSAEs, so is my interview, so is my application for my ID for school, so are 3 projects, so is planning my junior prom (why am I senior secretary? le sigh) . Can a girl get a breather? Other than that, my life consists of Korean dramas (Boys Over Flowers and my HUGE crush on Lee Min Ho), many ACT practice tests, drama with boys (J in particular), looking into schools.
I should go finish my ACT practice tests... but for now here's probably my favorite scene in Boys Over Flowers where I cried bucket loads (I usually don't embrace much of my Asian)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

dance with somebody

The Limited circle sweater, American Apparel tee, Express mini, ripped tights from the nooks of my closet, Nine West shoes)

The best friend came over for a little photo session for my project I had to do for the BP. Fashion Board application (of which I'm praying to get in, story after this). But yea, we had a good time just taking pictures and I had a good time styling her with a few pieces from my wardrobe.

Anyway. After the photo session, and lunch my friend J and me went to Nordstrom to drop off my application. I was just perusing and such and then we get to the BP. section so I ask the girls working there who I can turn this into. Note that my heart palpitations at this moment was irregular. The Asian girl told this girl that was working with her to help with the customers then get to me. So I waited there with J and this cute, tall blonde girl comes and she's super peppy and bubbly and she's like, "I'll take it for you!" and sticks her arms out and she just looks at me and I was like... "Thank you! uhmmm... yea! BYE!" So then J and I go talk to our old mentor that happened to be working there and talk to her and go look at dresses for prom. I remember we were looking online in the BP. section so I decided to go back. Cute, tall blonde rushes over to me and goes, "I just HAD to tell you... I LOVEEEEEEEEE the Olsen twins", (my project had them as my celeb icons), "Did you get their book Influence?" I start gushing and I say "Of course!" And she explains that she's the assistant for the person who runs the Fashion Board or something like that and that she was flipping through it before she put it on her boss's desk. So now I'm super excited and SUPER worried also. I have my fingers crossed.

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