Wednesday, December 17, 2008


(The Limited jacket, Express black leggings, chain bracelet)

I kinda like these pictures blurry, hides them blemishes.... haha I kid. I don't really know why it's blurry, especially since my camera has autofocus lens. But I thought it looked cool. So anyway... I'm so excited! Took all my exams, I only have a few papers to do (luckily it's not that big of deal) and then I'm totally off for break. Hooray!

me: so what're you writing about?

boy: 5 things I would bring with me if I were to get lost or something

me: (reads his paper which already has the My Bloody Life book and its sequel then a picture of his family and a picture of his dog, mind you he's gangster-esque) So what's your last item?

boy: I'm going to bring a picture of you

Okay, so I'm a big attractor of the bad boys. But seriously, ever since being a TA I've not only felt like ripping my hairs out when helping these kids but it's worse when you're there and they're checkin' you out.


withasianstereotypes said...

Aw, baby your so sweet. I'd be more than happy if you linked me. I'm loving the look of your blog.

+totally kute azn girl

♥, China L.

50two said...

i think you need to half press the button the focus it and then fully press it and then run infront of the camera. i had the same problem for a bit too :)

your job sounds interesting, what do you do as a TA?

50two said...

whao your job sounds full-on. lol i use the manual setting..but mostly cause i dont know how to use any of the others but the focus is still on auto :)

btw forgot to say before, i love love love your shoes

alyssa said...

those shoes are so awesome.