Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ears closed, what I hear the world just has to know

(Wrap sweater Macy's, Express leggings, Express long tank, eternity scarf, boots from DSW)
The past few days have been pleasurable. I hope everyone had a good holiday and my I'm twitching in anticipation for New Years. Hopefully 2009 would be light years better than 2008 has been.
Happy New Years (Eve)!

My mommy surprised me with a trench coat today, talk about making amends

I was bored and feeling extremely frustrated. My "anti-drug" is drawing. I'm hesitant to finish because usually I get antsy and it ends up looking worse.
(picture via hedi slimane diary)

Drawing update: I figured that the eyes he had seen above were bland and too cartoony so I erased them and I thought he looked hotter without eyes... haha... and while I was at it I tweeked his brows, and fixed a few more things. (:

Monday, December 22, 2008

love can damage your health

(boyfriend's oldoldold shirt, white shorts from UO, tights from Express, chain bracelet)

I'm on break now! And on Friday I was snowed in so we had a snow day. Yipee! But sadly its about 5 degrees out. Nevertheless, I'm SOSOSOSOSO happy that school's out. I wanna get me some Baby It's "Coal" Outside nail polish. In desperate need of blacks and greys on my nails. Ha.

Edit 12.23.08
I made a few more last purchases today for my mother and sister, a mother whom I've to make amends with. Shouldn't the holidays be about... sheer happiness? Too bad in our residence it calls for angsty, not so happy Asians. My boyfriend says that this is the only family that gets stressed and angered despite the holiday cheer.

Anyway. I was at Tar-jay today in the blistering cold and mounds of snow to buy a few things e.g. nail polish, nail polish remover, gum, and this boy, yes, boy, comes up to me. Apparently he was a worker there and he was just hovering over me... Like he had nothing to do. Just hovering. And he finally asked me if I needed help. I didn't know Tar-jay really did that, ya know, ask people if they needed assistance. Oh whatevs.

Merry Christmas Everybody!
Happy Holidays!

I'm excited for the holidays! So happy holidays all! And here's my favorite clip of all time:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


(The Limited jacket, Express black leggings, chain bracelet)

I kinda like these pictures blurry, hides them blemishes.... haha I kid. I don't really know why it's blurry, especially since my camera has autofocus lens. But I thought it looked cool. So anyway... I'm so excited! Took all my exams, I only have a few papers to do (luckily it's not that big of deal) and then I'm totally off for break. Hooray!

me: so what're you writing about?

boy: 5 things I would bring with me if I were to get lost or something

me: (reads his paper which already has the My Bloody Life book and its sequel then a picture of his family and a picture of his dog, mind you he's gangster-esque) So what's your last item?

boy: I'm going to bring a picture of you

Okay, so I'm a big attractor of the bad boys. But seriously, ever since being a TA I've not only felt like ripping my hairs out when helping these kids but it's worse when you're there and they're checkin' you out.

Friday, December 12, 2008

December Currents

This week has been so long and draggy and next week is the last week until break, praise the Lord. Finals are coming up... woo. I finished buying family presents, time for friends. But it doesn't really help that when I ask, "What do you want for Christmas, [insert name here]?" and they say, "NOTHING! Just you!" Well, if you must have "Just me", then I will gladly find a big box, climb in and wait for hours for you to open me on Christmas morning... I wish people were more decisive and less... humble? I enjoy buying presents, give me some pleasure at least.

December Currents:
Current Feelings:
impatient, anticipation, longing

Current Work of Art:

Jenny Holzer-Xenon for Berlin-I actually met Jenny Holzer at the MCA in Chicago back in October. Probably one of the coolest experiences.
Current Ear Jam:
Britney Spears' new cd, Circus. Ha.
A bit of Aerosmith for my lyrical piece for dance
Bitter:sweet-Bittersweet Faith, Don't Forget to Breathe
Blonde Redhead-Elephant woman

Current Movie:

To make it known, I'm not one for romantic comedies as much as I love psychological thrillers. I love stuff with serial killers, pedophiles, prostitutes, you name it. I like the edge in life.

Current Reads:
An Anthology, rereading Lolita by Nabokov

Current Wants:

oaknyc: quilted fingerless gloves, 3 finger ring, cashmere fingerless gloves

Current Places:
The mall, coffee shops, local Barnes and Noble

Current Plans:
Dentist appointment tomorrow. Shopping with my mommy. Going over to friend's house to cut her hair. Homework (gag me). Choreographing. Movie time. Me time. Boyfriend time.

Current Yearn to Learn:

Current Muse:
Boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend(s). Old couples on the streets.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Damir Doma FW08

This show is excrutiatinly inspirational. The lengths, the cuts, the assymetrical-ness, the glob on the guys' faces...

I surprisingly have nothing to do and finished all my homework before 7.... now it's 10. So I will get ready to go to bed