Sunday, February 15, 2009

poker faysss

(UO dress, tights from Express, Coach skinny belt, assymetrical sweater from f21)

I've recently been trying to play up my geek glasses (pictures don't do justice as to how big they are on my face). I realized how much I loved wearing glasses but I remember how much I hated it when I wore ugly metal rimmed ones ON TOP of having braces. Yea, I was a total babe.... Now I kind of have to live and embrace these glasses because my eyes are officially dried out from wearing contacts excessively, not to mention those darned seasonal allergies. =\

and this is what I tried to channel in...

My mommy's coming home from California today, equipped with goodies aka my pink pig and pink monkey stuffed plushies and piggy cell phone charms and cutie headbands and clothes. HA! Yea, my brain age is still about 5 years old. I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day! I was ecstatic when I got my gift via UPS from J. It was sentimental and actually quite funny. 10 brownie points to the guy that has creative gifts. Speaking of brownies, I made fantastical brownies the other day. They're dee-lish. And I bought a yoga ball yesterday. It's a giant mass of... sphere-age. I'm not sure where to put it when I'm done but right now it's comfortably in a big lump on my bedroom floor.
today 2/17/09:
-was a horrendous day. I forgot EVERYTHING at home. My cell phone, my wallet, my ID, my money, my homework... everything at home.
-At least I got an 88 on my math test of which if I come in and grade a few things and I can shoot it up to an A. (:
-I have a DBQ to write for AP US History, but I'm totally stalling time.


PUG and PIPS said...

hey hun, thanks for your comment xx of course you can link me :)

Couture Carrie said...

Love your inspiration and pics - fab look, especially the glasses!


Anonymous said...

Love your outfit!...I want to put together all black outfit too..
Nice glasses!

kimvee said...

I love geek glasses! I have two pairs of my own. Both of them have no lenses & are vintage :P However, my regular glasses are geek glasses with lenses in them but I love it! :)


Franco said...

ve the all balck look, very amazing.

deep_in_vogue said...

Great look, babe! Love the draping!

Rosanna said...

love your glasses :)

Brook and Lyn said...

My whole family is legally blind and I have perfect vision...I use to wear my sister's old frames around the house to fit it. In my book geeekier the better.