Wednesday, April 29, 2009

truth is

(Levi's-DIY slashing, purple tank-Nordstrom, AA tee, timberland boots)

Lot's to update about!

  • went shopping and ran into a guy who worked for/on/with Sesame Street
  • Had my ACT's which were unreasonably hard considering the practice tests were mild
  • bought lightwashed boyfriend jeans (resounding gasp)
  • I got my call from Nordstrom, my interview is May 6th. I'm dying from the anticipation.
  • Had a dream I was dying from swine flu and was drinking pastel colored liquids to "cure" me. This is an awful epidemic/pandemic. I'm terrified.
  • Waiting for summer to arrive, I'm so close to senior year, I can smell and taste it.
  • I've been repeating Little Dragon - Forever, literally, forever.
  • Addicted to DIYs especially with all this time I've acquired.

Yesterday, while I was slashing my jeans with a pair of hefty scissors, I somehow managed to cut off the top layer of my skin. It doesn't hurt but it's annoying that it's getting snagged onto things. Oh well, story of my life.


annie. said...

i like your style!

yeah, my interview's on may 4th and i'm anxious like hell.

i have no idea what to wear!!!

annie. said...

may i please be your friend? D:

miss contemplation said...

oh! ahaha, i only got a blogger like three days ago and i'm not sure how this all works. aha. haha.

cocorosa said...

LOVE this! Love the colors, love the outfit! Love those photos too!! xoxo

Olive the Brave said...

your jeans are fantastic :]

Anonymous said...

nice jeans,great style =)

Maria said...

Love love love the purple tank (though I can only see the back). The lace part is gorgeous.

I really need to visit you more often so I'll add you to my bloglist. *

Couture Carrie said...

Oh dear I am sorry you cut yourself!

I loooove that purple tank - the detail is fabulous!


♥ fashion chalet said...

ahhh awesome :) wasn't it fun to do?


Shini said...

oh my that's a stupid dream.

loving the simplicity of the outfit with the slashed jeans, ouch about your skin, I think all DIY comes with collateral damage somewhere...

Joelyne said...

great outfit! i especially love the first photo! thank you for your lovely comment =) ♥ ur blog!


Yuka said...

slashing jeans with scissors is deadly! haha i had a freak accident with it too. but i was non stop bleeding everywhere. sucks.

but you did a good job on them!

Twobreadsplease said...

Love the vest! Me and a friend cut a boys leg (by accident, I'd like to add) while slashing up his jeans for him once, there was quite a lot of bleeding... x

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

Loveee your ripped jeans and your shoes!! Amazing look xx

Anonymous said...

LOVE your shoes <3<3
xoxo L.

heartofpearl ♡ said...

totally love ur diy black jeans.. wish u could do me a pair.. im so lazy.. AHH haha plus ur blog is interensting haha love what u got up to! x