Wednesday, November 26, 2008

tis the season

I went early X-mas shopping today. Sorta. It was for myself+the boy. I don't know. I guess I like the buzz I get. Rather, I like the feeling of my arms sore, back hurting, constant waiting, because all that just hypes me up in time for the holidays. And what I dislike most are the sales clerks, either they're too cheery or too, mind me, bitchy.

me: doodadoo. shuffle shuffle ponder ponder.
guy clerk in pleated pants: *all up in my grill* Hi, can I help you today?!
me: *I think you should chillax and back off* No, I'm just looking around.
guy clerk in pleated pants: *defeated* Oh... well... Uhm, my name's James. Look for me.
me: .... *PWNED*I guess he meant to look for him if I needed help?

(notice how there are no clothes strewn on the floor on my side, I had to hang things on the door knob, door hinges, door, mirror, but where were the hooks? F21, invest in hooks? my fingers look obese. haha.)

Excuse my usage of technology and for the blurryness. I am proud to say that I have finally, and successfully bought something at F21. I have never bought ANYTHING there, not to be discriminatory, but I've never found anything very cute. I was surprised to see that it wasn't bad, just the quality wasn't all that feasible. But I settled on a sweater, zipper top and another assymmetrical sweater. And I think all the girls in there were probably looking at me funny for one, I was with my boyfriend who was noticing a lot of gushing from the girls since predominantly the population in F21 were hormonal females with a rare breed of male friends, and also I had the boyfriend carry 4 other bags while I was carrying about 13 black items to try on.

While in line, it was a long line, I couldn't help but notice how many things were strewn about everywhere and how everyone was around the age of 13-25, minus the frazzled mothers. But after looking around some more with my boyfriend, I noticed that right next to us, there was a little ole' lady with a really extravagant hat on adorning a long black coat. The only thing she was buying was this:

I thought she was pretty badass for a 65-80 year old.


eva said...

awesome camera! and lol i think its great you went xmas shopping for yourself and your guy! i need to do that as well!

Jennifer said...

I refuse to go shopping at stores during the holiday. I can't stand all those sales clerks and bitchy shoppers. haha Thus, I thank all those smart people who came up with online shopping. It's my savior.

PS. I love your smokey eye!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Great camera, love your hair! :)

Thanks for the comment, I'm more about pumpkin pie, (my pumpkin soup) and sweet potatoes than turkey on Thanksgiving. hahah. I'm weird. But I do love rice with gravy.. :) Happy Holidays to you too!

Thanks for commenting, love.


Angela said...

Wow, kudos for daring to go shopping during Holiday Season!!

I prefer to remain secluded in my house during this time then when January strikes and all the crazy good sales come about I get out there like a wild clearance-searching beast!

True story.
Great camera!

Mariƫlle said...

That camera :O <333

Would you like to exchange links?

Angela said...

Haha, woah black friday?

My parents woke up at 6 am and bought two LCD screens which are basically occupying all of my time now. :\

Haha, we watched Jurassic Park with the subwoofer on and it looked like the T-Rex was coming after us! hahah

Mariƫlle said...

Thanks for the add! I just added you to my bloglist as well!

nv said...

haha 13 black items to try on, just like me! i buy everything black. oh and too bad you couldn't find the zara coat! it's such a great piece frichic has the same coat but in grey, you should check back soon it was really cheap and great material...haha look at me gushing over my coat *blush*