Friday, October 31, 2008

they tried to make me go to rehab

but I said no, no, no.

That's right. I was Amy Winehouse. I got a lot of "OH MY GOSH! YOU MAKE A GOOD AMY WINEHOUSE!" or "You're SOOOO cute!" or "You should get a permanent mole above your lip". Ha. Being Amy Winehouse has its rewards I guess... At least I had an excuse to look ugly and speak in a British accent and break out in slur.

I'm awaiting my Blake Fielder-Civil to arrive, otherwise known as my boyfrahn a.k.a. Nick. Ha. Another excuse to drunkenly walk the streets as junkie couple.... Just kidding.

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♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you, Frenchieee! :)

Aw, you have the ballerina pointe shoes?? How cool, I always wanted some<3

♥/ fashion chalet