Tuesday, September 2, 2008

we flew rockets to the sun

So I've been having this awkward aura of... well... emptiness. Not only do I miss the inevitable "Him 1", I miss "Him 2"... Except I always miss Him 1. It's ridiculous. Shh, don't tell anyone, that my birthday wish could be consisting of Him 1. Yea, yea, yea, I know. Btw, my birthdays in 13 days! Long day in school today, when I thought I didn't have any homework left, my friend calls telling me that there is an AP U.S. History quiz tomorrow.... greattttttttttt. Two chapters to devour in the next... 3 hours.

Well here's my outfit from a couple days ago:

If only my style points got me my boys back. Sososososososososososo sad. At least my ego points just went up by like... +2. I kid.

Well, anyway... Did everybody watch the season pre-me of Gossip Girl?! Man! That was sexy. I was like... Holy f!@# Chuck! I have got to say, screw Nate (sorry to all Nate fans), CHUCK IS THE MAN! And he always has, well, out of all the guys, the BEST wardrobe. (Oh yea... and James the Duke... He is a Hottie Mchotterson!) Chuck never ceases to amaze me, I wish to have a Chuck in my life... oh wait, I already have one, a self-satisfying Bass-tard who can't fully commit because he's scared and sometimes even gets scared saying "I love you". Yea, at least that aspect of Gossip Girl is my life.

My fellow of the evening: Ed Westwick also known as Chuck Sexy Ass Bass (Uhmmm, Hello? Is he hot or is he hot?)


♥ fashion chalet said...

The infamous outfit!! <3

I need to see Gossip girl (but missed it!) :( Is it online yet???

maggie said...

haha. i think it usually comes up after it's aired. should be there. warning: chuck is so sexy....

Fashdance said...

cute outfit but just had to inform you, Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass is mine j/k.

No not kidding at all he is my lover we just didn't want to announce it yet :P

Oh and do you mind if I link you?

maggie said...

@ fashdance: that's completely fine! haha. thanks girl, i'll do same!